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    Intellijel Dual VCA 1U

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    The Voltage Controlled Amplifier or “VCA” is one of the most essential and useful building blocks in a synthesis patch.  The Dual VCA 1U packs two high quality, DC coupled, linear VCAs into a very compact 1U package.

    The two VCAs can be used completely independently or in tandem via the handy signal normalling.  The DC coupling means that the VCA can be used for the amplitude control of both control voltages (CV) and audio signals.

    Some application/use examples:

    Dual, independent VCA for dynamic level control of two different audio or cv sources

    Stereo VCA (use the CV normalling where CV A normals to CV B) for processing stereo sources or CV pairs.

    CV/Audio summing  (when Out A is not patched, it normals to sum with OUT B,  CV A and B control the independent levels)

    Voltage/signal doubling (use input A only and the doubled voltage will appear at OUT B when a CV of +5V applied to CV A)


    • Two high quality and precise linear VCAs
    • DC coupled
    • LEDs to indicate CV level
    • IN A normalled to IN B
    • CV A normalled to CV B
    • OUT A normalled to sum with OUT B
    • Compact size
    • Skiff / Palette friendly

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