Audio Damage ADM11 Dimensions Chorus

    Audio Damage ADM11 Dimensions Chorus

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    Audio Damage ADM11 Dimensions Chorus Stereo


    Audio Damage ADM11 Dimensions Chorus

    Unlike most chorus effects which use only one or two delays the Dimensions module utilizes not less than six, consequently providing a wide and dense sound. The delay time can be set manually with a potentiometer and with a control voltage, as expected, but there's an internal LFO with control of rate and modulation depth, both voltage controllable as well.
    Feedback sends a portion of the effect signal back to the input and makes the sound more metallic and flanger-like.
    Mix determines the mixture between dry and wet signal and is voltage controllable as well. Even with a little bit of effect the sound gets a reverb-isg sound.

    Mode A is an algorithm from the Fluid Plug in. It is based on five modulated and two static delays.
    Mode B origins in the Dimensions plug-in and has six modulated delays. The sound dofference to mode A is only subtle and according to the manufacturer it is better suited for "rounder" sounds with slower modulations.

    Due to automatic routing by "intelligent" input and output sockets the module will chose its working mode by itself: mono->mono, mono->stereo or stereo->stereo for true stereo FX.

    • left/mono: input and output
    • right: input and output
    • CV inputs: rate, depth, feedback, mix
    • dimensions
    • 3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
    • current draw: 40mA @ +12V and 9mA @ -12V

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