Erica Synths Pico EF

    Erica Synths Pico EF

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    Pico EF is Erica Synths take on envelope follower module in 3hp!


    Pico EF features a preamp with +40dB gain (enough to boost even guitar and dynamic microphone signals for use in a modular system), envelope output with adjustable attack time and a gate output with adjustable threshold.

    The Pico EF can be used as a preamp, overdrive unit or for controlling VCFs with audio signal, or to use with external instruments to control your modular system in other creative and experimental applications.


    • Preamp with adjustable gain
    • Audio overdrive possibility
    • Envelope follower with adjustable attack time
    • Gate extractor with adjustable threshold
    • Input protection against overvoltage
    • Protection against reverse PSU connection

    Technical specifications:

    • Preamp boost up to +40dB
    • Audio output level 10Vptp
    • Envelope output level 0 - +10V
    • Gate level +5V
    • Power consumption 25mA, -15mA
    • Module width 3HP
    • Module depth 35mm

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