Make Noise Optomix

    Make Noise Optomix

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    Make Noise Optomix 2 Ch Low Pass Gate / Mixer


    Make Noise Optomix

    A two channel Low Pass Gate, providing simultaneous voltage control over amplitude and frequency content of a signal. It is in essence, a Voltage Controlled Filter Amplifier (VCFA) that has an extremely organic response to control signals. The Low Pass Gate is a classic West Coast synthesis circuit.

    • DAMP parameter programs how low pass gate responds to falling control transient, continuously variable from long, slow and ringing to short, fast and muted

    • STRIKE INput allows use of Gate signal to trigger Low Pass Gate circuit, "plucking" or "striking" the vactrol

    • DAMP and STRIKE parameters combine to allow for easy programming of percussive sounds (sharp Attack w/ Voltage Controlled Decay)

    • Summing stage with an AUXiliary IN allows for chaining of multiple units creating larger mixes

    • Direct coupled, process audio or control signals

    • Utilizes 4 vactrols

    • Pairs well with modDemix modDemix and MATHS

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