Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel
    Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel disponible chez
    Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel
    Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel disponible chez

    Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel

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    Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel


    Frap Tools Creative Mixer Channel

    The CHANNEL sub-module of the high-quality, expandable CGM Creative Mixer system is a mono mixer channel featuring a direct output, voltage control of the two pre/post switchable aux sends, of the VCA and of the panorama as well as buttons for Solo Mute and Pre Fader Listening (PFL).

    The Channel module as input section of the CGM Mixer system manages an mono input signal at the 3.5mm socket. The audio first passes a VCA which can be either post- or pre-fader. The VCA control works either as a manual gain control as long as nothing is patched or as an attenuator for the modulation.

    A Channel contains two auxiliaries (yellow and green), their send level being controllable manually or via control voltages. A switch determines per aux send whether it is post or pre fader.

    Below the auxiliaries there's the panorama (highlighted in a coral red) which is adjustable manually or via CV as well.

    The large potentiometer aka. "fader" controls the channel's output level, as expected.
    The three buttons underneath control following functions:

      • red: mute function
      • grey: Solo in place. Works only when the Safe Solo is activated in the Group module.
      • blue: Stereo pre fader listening (PFL) for pre-listeninig to the channel. Works only with the headphone output of the master module.

    Signal flow: The audio first passes the VCA, then the panorama circuit as well as the mute and is then being split and routed to the PFL, the "fader", the aux sends as well as a pre/post selectable direct output.

    Up to eight Channels can be managed with one Group module. It handles the common Solo for all channels connected, is equipped with Aux send and return sockets and more.
    In case you can do without PFL it is possible to create a mixer just with Channels and a Group, without using a Master module.


    mono input
    main VCA: CV input, mono direct output
    per send: one VCA CV input
    panorama CV input


    3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide
    maximum current draw: 104mA at +12V and 100mA at -12V

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