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X-PAN is a five-channel, voltage controllable stereo mixer.


Make Noise X-Pan

X-PAN is a five-channel, voltage controllable stereo mixer. On 10TE the module utilises 10VCAs suitable for audio as well as CV processing. With its high headroom and low noise it won‘t introduce any unwanted distortions to the signals.

The upper part of X-PAN is comprised of two identical channels with two inputs each (A&B) and voltage-controlled crossfader and panning. The third channel on the bottom is a stereo (aux) input with (stereo) VCA and attenuator. All three channels are combined at the stereo sum output.

Since the VCAs can also process DC voltages, the X-PAN is not only limited to complex animations of the stereo field, but can also be used as a "CV morpher". E.g. to merge and morph LFOs or - tip! - to blend sequences into each other.



Audio: Ch 1 A & B, Ch2 A & B, Aux M/St

CV: Ch1 Pan & X-Fade, Ch2 Pan & X-Fade, Aux Level


L-Out, R-Out


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 30mm deep

Powerconsumption: 145mA +12V, -110mA -12V

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