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    4MS Listen Four

    Délais 4-8 jours
    199,00 CHF


    4MS Listen Four

    Basic Features:

    • Four input channels (two with stereo inputs, two with mono inputs and a Pan knob)
    • Headphone and main 1/8" outputs, each with separate Level knob
    • Line level output driver with zero impedance, capable of driving long cables
    • Output can be switched between line and modular level
    • Low noise, cross-talk, and bleed-through
    • Anti-pop feature that silences pops and thumps when the power is turned on
    • Headers in back allow for connecting to other Listen Four or Listen Four Quarters modules to create a mixer with 8, 12, 16, or more channels and multiple sub-mix outputs
    • Connects via headers to WAV Recorder module for recording final mix without using patch cables
    • Signal lights for each channel and output mix
    • Clipping lights with adjustable level

    Détails du produit

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