Twisted Electrons Octopus

    Twisted Electrons Octopus

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    Twisted Electrons Octopus


    Twisted Electrons Octopus


    Octopus is a dual 8 way multiplexer/switch allowing to sequence up to 8 signals or potentiometers .

    Sequence pitch with pots, switch audio signals with the cv inputs, so many possibilities!

    The horizontal axis sets the channel, the vertical axis stores 8 channel positions.

    The fun begins when you start sequencing or modulating the channel selector either:

    • Manually by use of the two large potentiometers
    • by overriding the potentiometers with CV (0-5V DC)
    • by moving up and down the vertical axis via Triggers (5v DC pulse)

    NOTE: The CV inputs are not limited to Control Voltages. You can use octopus to “switch” audio too, like multiple waveforms of an oscillator, or audio tracks of a song!

    Technical Specifications:

    Size: 20HP Wide, 25mm deep

    Current consumption:

    12V: 22mA
    -12V: 4mA

    Unit includes 16pin power cable and screws

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