INTELLIJEL Korgasmatron II

INTELLIJEL Korgasmatron II Dual VCF/VCO and Xfade

CHF 399.00

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INTELLIJEL Korgasmatron II
INTELLIJEL Korgasmatron II

CHF 399.00

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Korgasmatron II
The Korgasmatron II builds off the success of the original Korgasmatron but adds many new features. The Korgasmatron II has a completely independent six mode filter on each side which are selected via a rotary switch. We have also added a special overdrive feature so that the output signal can be soft or hard clipped depending on how hard you drive it into the circuit. This is controlled via the input amp which starts clipping when you put the knob past 12 o’clock (assuming an standard 10vpp input waveform). There are switches to select hard or soft clipping. this effect is subtle on simple waveform sources and dramatic on more complex sources (like chords).
The xfade circuit has also been redesigned to use the same circuit as found in the ufade module with independent cv attenuation.
also being released is the korgasmatron ii expander module which allows for cv control of the q for each filter.
A very special feature of the korgasmatron ii design is that you can also have extra inputs to each filter that has its own selectable filter type independent of the main filter type. So for example you can have filter A on the main module set to LPF and then run a second signal into the same filter but in BPF mode. Both signals come out of the same output.This is really useful for complex layering or more creative applications like special feedback patching between the two inputs and outputs to create weird and aggressive filter responses.
Just like the original Korgasmatron this filter can go from clean and precise to howling and aggressive. From classic ms20 type sounds to totally new territory all depending on how you play with the front panel controls.
20hp and skiff friendly
Dual filter Xfade
Six filter types per filter:
1. lowpass 1-pole2. lowpass 2-pole3. bandpass 1-pole4. highpass 2-pole5. highpass 1-pole6. band reject (notch) 1-pole (different than notch on original)
Both filters track 1v/oct over 3-4 octaves (makes a great vco)
Switch to configure serial or parallel routing
Output soft and hard clipping
Resonance soft clipping control (q drive)
All knobs bolted to panel
Width: 20hp (skiff friendly)Max Depth: 38mmPower: 98mA @ 12V88mA @-12V