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    ACL – System 1

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    ACL - System 1

    System 1 is a modular instrument built entirely from ACL components. Two Variable Sync VCOs with extremely tasty FM generate audio signals. A creamy and fat sounding Dual State Variable VCF is used as the synthesizer's filter. A snappy X3 Envelope module and the quite fast QLFO serve as modulators. With the Dual Delay, a capable echo effect is on board as well. Mixing, level control and routing are competently covered by Gate Mix, VC Panning Amplifier, Octave and M/S Matrix. The excellent ACL Audio Interface gives your sounds the finishing touch. One important note on the System 1: Its signal flow can be patched in stereo completely. You can even choose between L/R and M/S format.

    System 1 is usable as a stereo instrument or as a stereo filter bank with dual delay effect. For those who are satisfied with classic, monophonic sound, there are all the more components that can be creatively combined. For instance, it is possible to do complex three-operator FM patches with QLFO and the two Variable Sync VCOs. Results can be processed by the VCF and the delay.

    System 1 consists of the following modules:

    • 2x Variable Sync VCO: Analog oscillator with voluminous sound and almost magical FM qualities.
    • Oktave: A specialist for processing and routing pitch CV signals.
    • Dual State Variable VCF: Creamy and fat sounding multimode dual filter.
    • Gate Mix: Four-channel mixer with voltage controllable mute stages.
    • VC Panning Amplifier: A high-class VCA with two channels.
    • Envelope X3: Three snappy ADSR envelopes in one module.
    • QLFO: Tonally playable quadrature LFO producing sine waves. – Perfect for FM experiments.
    • VC Dual Delay: Stereo echo module, which produces classic to innovative effects.
    • M/S Matrix: Converts stereo material with left and right channel to the mid-side format. The other way round, M/S material can be converted into L/R signals.
    • Audio Interface: Brings modular signals down to studio level. – And vice versa. The sound quality is fabulous!

    All listed modules are housed in a metal case with side panels made of oak. A KAZU power supply is also included. – Not as a module, though, but discreetly installed inside the case. This leaves 4 HP for individual additions. The KAZU power supply is characterized by minimal interferences and voltage spikes. The same applies to the built-in EVE 1 bus board. The result: Extremely clean high-end sound.

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