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    ACL - Systeme 2

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    ACL - System 2

    System 2 is a modular instrument built entirely from ACL components. The search for a microcomputer in this system would be in vain because all modules are analog and for the most part discrete.

    The System 2 is a powerful sound shaping workshop that will make anyone with a preference for discrete audio circuitry sit up and take notice.

    System 2 consists of the following modules:

    • Variable Sync VCO: Analog oscillator with voluminous sound and almost magical FM qualities.
    • Multifunction Discrete VCO The new monster VCO by ACL with an excessively equipped sub-oscillator.
    • Discrete Core Ladder VCF Refined low pass - ACL's discrete transistor loader filter is characterized by its pithy sound, low noise and all kinds of technical refinements.
    • 2x Oktave: Specialist for processing and routing pitch CV signals.
    • Gate Mix: Four-channel mixer with voltage-controllable mute levels.
    • 2x Multi II (buffered)
    • Envelope X3: A snappy triple ADSR envelope.
    • 2x QLFO: Tonally playable quadrature LFO with sine wave. - Perfect for FM experiments.
    • 2x VC Dual Amp: The ACL VC Dual Amp is a high-quality dual linear VCA with mixing function. The module contains two fully discrete voltage controllable amplifiers with linear characteristics.
    • Audio Interface: Converts modular signals to studio level. - And vice versa. The sound quality is excellent.

    The whole thing comes in a metal case with oak side panels. A KAZU power supply is also included. - However, not as a module, but discreetly installed inside. This leaves four partial units for personal additions. The KAZU power supply is characterized by minimal interference and voltage peaks. The same applies to the built-in EVE 1 bus board. The result: extremely clear high-end sound.

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