Doepfer A-160-2

    Doepfer A-160-2

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    Doepfer A-160-2 Clock/Trigger Divider II


    Doepfer A-160-2

    Module A-160-2 is an enhanced version of the standard clock divider A-160.

    The module is a frequency divider for clock/trigger/gate signals, designed to be a source of lower frequencies, particularly for rhythm uses.
    The Clock input will take any digital signal from, eg., an LFO, MIDI sync, or the gate from a MIDI-CV interface. At the outputs, you have access to three sets of seven different sub-divided clock signals, from half the clock frequency down to 1/128.
    The low/high levels of the output signals are 0V and about +10V. The A-160-2 also has a reset input. Whenever a reset signal is sensed, all outputs are set to certain levels which depend upon the selected mode.

    50 mA +12V 50 mA -12V ? mA 5V

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