Doepfer A-104

Doepfer A-104

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Doepfer A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter


A-104 is a fourfold formant filter as used in the Mixtur Trautonium by Oskar Sala.

It is made of four parallel resonance filters, each filter can be switched to low pass or band pass or off.

Frequency, resonance and level are controlled for each filter separately (no voltage control).

The frequency range for the filters is about 50Hz...5kHz. The filter audio inputs are very sensitive so that distortion may intentionally be used to create new sounds - if desired.

The sketch below shows the basic layout of the A-104. The A-104 is a versatile module for sound modification.

In the first place it is used for reproduction of resonances (e.g. the vocal-like effects known from the Trautonium). In combination with the subharmonic generator A-113, the Trautonium Manual A-198 and some other A-100 modules one obtains a Trautonium replica.

30 mA +12V ? mA -12V 0 mA 5V 45 mm Depth

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