4MS Euro Atoner
4MS Euro Atoner
    4MS Euro Atoner
    4MS Euro Atoner

    4MS Euro Atoner

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    4MS Eurorack Atoner (EuroAtoner)


    Eurorack Atoner (EuroAtoner)

    The Eurorack Atoner is a unique and versatile device used for

    • Creating quantized melodies tuned to an input frequency
    • Generating poly-rhythmic clock/trigger outputs
    • Pitch shifting/jumping (downwards based on harmonics
    • General purpose high-gain CV mixer with offset.
    • General mischief and mayhem...
    • Harmonics are extracted from an on-board oscillator or external audio signal and outputed as audio or clock pulses. The Position knob sets the cut-off frequency, under which all frequencies will be stepped downwards along a harmonic sequence (octaves, 5ths, 3rds, etc) all the way to sub-audible clicking sounds. Thus, a scale or clock signal can be generated from a single tone.

      The Eurorack Atoner consumes 60mA of power and occupies 16 H. P. of space.

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