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    Xaoc Devices Odessa

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    Xaoc Devices is an additive oscillator


    Xaoc Devices Odessa

    Odessa from Xaoc Devices is an additive oscillator which means the output signal is synthesized by adding a multitude (up to 2560) of sinusoidal components (harmonic partials). Thanks to a straightforward user interface it is easy to control the sound.

    All partials are frequency related to the common fundamental controlled by a V/oct input.

    By manipulating the parameters of the harmonic partials it is possible to obtain a very broad range of unearthly sounds, but also the classic saw, square and pure sine.

    Odessa offers a set of controls that allow to shape the spectrum by deciding on how many partials are produced, and how they are distributed in frequency and amplitude, which is visualised by a spectrum analyzer with 12 multi-color LEDs.

    The series of harmonics can be squeezed or spread apart, tilted, and pruned by a comb-like frequency response, resulting in a huge variety of spectra. Sounds similar to flanging or phasing can be obtained by animating the comb response.

    Additionally, the module offers exponential and linear through-zero frequency modulation.

    Furthermore, up to five detuned voices can be spread apart for a fat and dense cluster, or a powerful chord.

    3U Eurorack module, 24HP wide

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