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    ACL – Multifonction Discrete VCO

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    The new monster VCO from ACL with excessively equipped suboscillator


    ACL - Multi-Function Discrete VCO 

    The new monster VCO from ACL with excessively equipped suboscillator. Five different waveforms are simultaneously available from the main oscillator as well as from the sub-oscillator, including PWM. Thanks to the Vernier adjustment wheel, the module can be tuned very precisely. Linear as well as exponential CV inputs are available, and additionally the linear FM, AC or DC can be coupled. Thanks to variable sync, it is possible to generate a wide variety of overtone structures. An oscillator with a powerful sound!

    The Multifunction Discrete VCO is based on a completely discrete circuit, producing very low noise and distortion. It features five simultaneous waveforms coming from the main oscillator and as many from the sub oscillator : ramp, saw, triangle, pulse and sine. Both pulse outputs provide manual and voltage controlled Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) with selectable carrier.

    The Vernier dial allows very precise tuning, which is very useful for FM sounds. The oscillator can also be switched from high to low frequency to be used as an LFO. Thanks to linear as well as exponential FM inputs with individual attenuators, plenty of modulations are possible. Furthemore the linear input can be switched from DC to AC. There is also a Linear Detune potentiometer which enables perfect control over „oscillator beating“ when used with another VCO.

    This oscillator provides variable sync, adjustable from soft to hard sync with the Threshold potentiometer which is even CV controllable. Additionally you can select if it synchronizes to the falling or rising edge. Thanks to a reset input, the VCO core can be reset, which is useful for producing very clean basses.

    • Frequency controllable with FINE and COARSE potentiometers
    • V / Oct CV input jack, unattenuated
    • Exp FM CV input jack, attenuated by CV EXP potentiometer
    • Lin FM CV input jack, attenuated by CV LIN potentiometer
    • Linear detune amount adjustable with LIN DETUNE potentiometer
    • HI / LO switch for VCO or LFO mode
    • SYNC IN jack for synchronizing the wave
    • SYNC CV IN - input socket for the SOFT / HARD - Sync - value, damped by CV - potentiometer, adjustable with S / H potentiometer
    • Synchronisation switch for falling / rising edge
    • GATE input jack for resetting the VCO core
    • CV PWM OSC input socket, damped by CV pot and adjustable with PW pot
    • CV PWM SUB OSC input socket, damped by CV potentiometer and adjustable with PW potentiometer
    • OSC OUT with five single output jacks for saw, inverted saw, square, triangle and sinusoidal waveforms
    • OSC SUB OUT with five single output jacks for saw, inverted saw, square, triangle and sine waves

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