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    LA-67 WFM Oscillator

    La Sesenta y Siete (LA-67)
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    Based on the 1970s Kobol synthesizers,


    WFM Oscillator is an analog VCO with a unique wave shaping circuit. Based on the 1970s Kobol synthesizers, the WFM output provides a continuously variable waveshape from triangle to saw to modulated pulse, with many interesting points in between. Voltage control over waveshape and output amplitude allow for wide timbral variations.


    • Three simultaneous waveform outputs: Triangle, Pulse, and WFM
    • FM input with attenuator, switchable between linear and exponential
    • V/Oct input
    • Sync input
    • WFM "mod" input with attenuator
    • WFM "level" input
    • WFM variable pulse inpu
    • 10hz-25khz frequency range
    • 8+ octaves tracking

    65 mA +12V 65 mA -12V
    0 mA 5V
    35 mm deep

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